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Cosy Campfire

Autumn is on our doorstep, the gras and trees are turning to a dull shade of green and the flowers are fading. So making the most of the dry weather, we headed off to the woods for a walk. We collected pinecones and dry branches to make a campfire… …the kids absolutely loved it and after a run around the woods, what better way to recharge those batteries than with a campfire cooked sausage! …On her best behavior… (or maybe it was a pose to pounce on anything that hit the floor), but fortunatly our youngest took pity on her a gave her a bit of hers.

A Stroll & A Swing

With the dog needing a walk and the kids some fresh air. We headed off up the hill behind our house. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as forecasted so we had to take cover a couple of times. But as soon as they saw the swing, they couldn’t have been less bothered about the weather, quite the opposite they were enjoying themselves so much that didn’t want to go home (pleeeeease Mummy just one more go)… …little adventures on the way… …and of course The Swing! While the boys couldn’t get enough our youngest took a break. Wheeeee! Look at me! After a lot more swinging it was finally time to go home with the promise to come back soon…

Bike, Hike & A Barbecue

Spring is definitely here! Time to get our bikes out of the garage and go for a ride… We kept it short for small ones (our youngest and the dog) and added a little bit of hiking. Spring was exploding everywhere you looked. It didn’t take long before some tummies started to rumble. What better way to settle them than with a picnic by a pond in the woods? Now back at home again with still plenty of energy they are all outside playing with their friends but with a little luck and a bath this evening we might be in for a quiet night.