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It’s Just Simply Spring…

The weather this afternoon has given me a great excuse to leave the gardening for another day and make some Easter decorations instead. So, I popped down to my local florist/ friend Urs at Toscanini and stocked up with some lovely flowers… …which intrigued someone…  …with a little help from my furry friend I created these… …and the end result is “simply Spring”… …it was obviously hard work for some.  

Our Easter Egg Tradition

I’ve just realised that I did a post like this last year, it has obviously become a bit of a family tradition. So here goes for you want to give it a try… All you’ll need is: -eggs (raw) -leaves or grasses -old tights -thread -onion skins While we took our dog out, the kids enjoyed collecting leaves, flowers and even an empty snail shell (not that we could use that for the eggs). Once we got home, we put the leaves and flowers on the eggs. Fixed them with some old tights, tied them up with some thread… …and boiled them for 10 minutes in the onion skins.   Happy Easter!

A Natural Look For Your Easter Eggs

The kids were out in the rain this morning (not that it bothered them) collecting different leaves to decorate their eggs. In the meantime I stripped onions of their skins and put them in a pan of water. When they got back we put the leaves on the eggs and fixed them with tights and thread. When all the eggs were done I put the pan on the stove and left it to heat up. Our eldest son carefully put the eggs in to the water and we left them to boil for 10 minutes. Once they’ve cooled down, rub them with some olive oil for a shiny touch. There you have it! Naturally colored Easter eggs. If you want to give it a go you’ll need the following materials: white eggs leaves a pair of tights some thread a bowl of onion skins Have Fun!

Easter Decorations

All you need to do is have a forage through your garden shed, get some empty jam jars out of the larder and you’re ready to go. O.K. if you haven’t got a garden shed pop down to your local garden center for the string and netting and if you haven’t got any jam jars rolling around, try some tea lights. Here is what you’ll need.. string netting egg shells hay jam jars/ tea lights snowdrops & feathers (both from Urs at Toscanini) …and here’s what to do… The Egg Shells The Jam Jars The Netting & String We’re ready for Easter!