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Lighting up the Christmas Spirit

Here is my “little” (well it started out as a little idea) DIY Christmas project. To beginn with I thought that I would use 1 or two pallets (and ended up enjoying the sawing so much that I did four). I was very pleased with the result and decided to see what it would look like if I painted one (BIG mistake!!!). It worked out so well that I ended up painting the whole lot (half way through I did start to question the whole idea). But it was well worth it… The Wood Work The Painting The Result If you want to give it a go all you need is: -a couple of pallets -a jigsaw -a drill -a tin of paint -some Christmas lights (and some patience) Have fun!

It’s Just Simply Spring…

The weather this afternoon has given me a great excuse to leave the gardening for another day and make some Easter decorations instead. So, I popped down to my local florist/ friend Urs at Toscanini and stocked up with some lovely flowers… …which intrigued someone…  …with a little help from my furry friend I created these… …and the end result is “simply Spring”… …it was obviously hard work for some.  

Advent Wreath

With the beginning of the Christmas count down today, it is definitely time for me to make my Advent Wreath. (Especially as the day after tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent) So here goes for a quick and easy DIY job… Materials 4 candles 4 candle holders a straw wreath pine branches wire string labels pine cones (any decoration material you like) Cover the straw wreath with pine branches and bind them on with the wire. Place the candle holders with the candles at 12/3/6 and 9 o’clock. wrap wire around your decorations and stick them into the wreath. Bind the string around the candles and tie the labels on. …now that’s done I can relax and wait until Sunday to light the first candle…  

Our Easter Egg Tradition

I’ve just realised that I did a post like this last year, it has obviously become a bit of a family tradition. So here goes for you want to give it a try… All you’ll need is: -eggs (raw) -leaves or grasses -old tights -thread -onion skins While we took our dog out, the kids enjoyed collecting leaves, flowers and even an empty snail shell (not that we could use that for the eggs). Once we got home, we put the leaves and flowers on the eggs. Fixed them with some old tights, tied them up with some thread… …and boiled them for 10 minutes in the onion skins.   Happy Easter!

DIY – Creative Cooking Utensils

It’s Mr. T’s Birthday! Mr. T’s loves to cook (well that is, when he’s not biking) and because he has been very busy lately, creating delicious dinners, it’s taken a toll on our casserole pan (my pressie). While I was looking for something to cook for his Birthday dinner, the kids got busy making him a personal pressie… …of course as soon as the fun bit was finished, they all disappeared off outside to play with their friends and left me to do the wrapping up… …which I secretly quite enjoyed.

Spring Inspiration

With Spring on the doorstep, I’m on the loose. I’m a collector of inspirations, a hunter of emotions. I try to capture both. Searching, finding, capturing the moment and turning it into a post for you…   …and I’m never know what’s going to come next… MerkenMerken

A Passion for Painting…

I love to sketch, draw and paint (walls, furniture, practically everything that I can get my hands on). So it isn’t surprising that my environment has noticed. My neighbor is one of the two lovely ladies that created Sieda. They make charming creations out of concrete and paint them. Check their page They have offered me the chance to join their team. I must admit to begin with I wasn’t sure if I could do something that needs such precision or if I had the patience/ peace (the kiddies) to sit still and concentrate for the time it would take to do. But after a pep talk from Daniela, a coaching session with Simone and with their book as a reference, I couldn’t wait to give it a go and all I can say is:  I’m hooked! I’ve only just started but I’ve definitely got a soft spot for these guys. The snails… I think Mr. T is glad that I’ve found a way to channel my painting obsession. (Well at least it means that when he gets home from work, I haven’t redecorated …

Sunny Spring Saturday Afternoon

The first warm Spring Saturday and everyone’s at home (no Field Hockey, Birthday Party’s or Boy Scouts) so that means GARDENING! Yes, at last it’s time to roll back our sleeves and put our backs in to it. Which also means we’ll probably be in a bad shape tomorrow with aches and pains from muscles that we didn’t realize we had. (With we, I mean Mr. T and I). Not only do the plants need a little TLC, of course the workers had to be fed and watered too… …I used the opportunity to write this post but now I’m back off outside. I wish you all sunny spring weekend!