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Happy 1st Birthday!

Today it’s Meeko & Mitsi’s 1st Birthday. It’s already a year ago since our Kittens were born at the Waldhof (check the link) farm in Schneisingen (a little village about a 10 minute drive from here). How time flies! And look at them now! Our adorable, exploring (especially Meeko, he keeps us on our toes with his runaways), hungry (are always very interested if there is anything fishy our rubbish bag), cheeky (try to take over our Labradors bed by lying right in the middle of it as soon as she gets up for a drink or a walk) , sleepy (definitely the thing they do best), playful (anything that catches their eyes is in danger, even if it’s someone asleep under a duvet, that seems to be absolutely irresistible and has to be pounced on)… …but we wouldn’t change them one bit and it’s hard to image a life without these two tumbling around us.

Builder Birthday Party

When my son decided to have a builder theme birthday party I must admit I wasn’t quite sure how I was going decorate (treat sachet, cake, house) and what I was going to do with the kids. But after a bit of thought I came up with this… My son wanted to do some concrete mixing, some sawing and hammering.  Concrete was out of question (to long to dry and the additives aren’t exactly child friendly), sawing (to dangerous) so it had to be hammering (not quite as bad as sawing). It’s a “marble music machine” you draw a circle on the board the kids hammer the nails along the mark (we managed it without any casualties), put rubber bands around the outside of the nailed circle and a couple on top to stop the marble that you put in from falling out. And there you have it! Your own “marble music machine”. And last but not least the birthday cake… It’s a simple chocolate gingerbread cake (see recipe) with a chocolate glaze and to go with …