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Stuffed Sweet Potaoes

It’s a bit chilly outside! After a stroll (or in my case a jog) in the crisp air…what’s better than coming home to some nice, warm, home cooked food. Ingredients sweet potatoes 2 handfuls of spinach 5 mushrooms 100g feta cheese parmesan cheese 50g pine nuts cress Preheat the oven at 200°C/ 392°F. Halve the sweet potatoes and bake for about 50 minutes. While they’re in the oven, wash and prepare the spinach and the mushrooms. Steam the spinach and fry the mushrooms. When the potatoes are done, reduce the oven to 100°C/ 212°F. Scoop the insides of the potatoes out and add the spinach. Crumble the feta cheese over the mixture and spoon it back into the potato skins. Sprinkle some Parmesan over them and replace into the oven for a further 10 minutes. In the meantime roast your pine nuts. All you need to do now is decorate your potatoes with the nuts and the cress. And there you have it! A perfect warmer upper! Scrumptious!

“Grittibänz Zit”

“Grittibänz Zit”? It’s Swiss for “Grittibänz” time. “Grittibänz” is a Swiss advents tradition. It’s a man (or in our case a lady as well) made of sweet bread dough that we bake around the day of St. Niklas (“Samichaus”) on the 6th of December. If your too busy and living here you can just pop down to your local bakery and buy one. But for all of you, that don’t live in Switzerland, and want to give it a go… The Ingredients 500g flour 15g yeast 1tsp salt 60g butter 1tbsp sugar 3dl milk Decorations cranberries raisins almond slivers coarse sugar 1 egg Mix the ingredients to a dough and leave to rise. After it has risen. Preheat the oven at 200°C. Form the dough to a sausages. Shape the neck by squeezing slightly the top quarter of the sausage. Make cuts for the arms and legs and decorate with raisins, cranberries, almonds and leftover dough. Brush with egg wash and bake for 20-25 minutes. As you can see, there are no end of possibilities to …

Hunky Hand Pies

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of recipes for hand pies (a trendy name for a Cornish Pasty) have been popping up. As far as magazines and the internet go, they seem to be the thing to eat this autumn. Well, me for my part, I think I could eat them all year round. So have a whip round the fridge, get out all the veggies that are rolling around and get chopping… The Dough 500g strong white flour, plus extra to dust 125g margarine 1tsp salt Cold water The Filling 1 fennel 2 parsnips 3 carrots 1 leek 1/2 a cabbage (I used a savoy cabbage) 1/2 an onion 1 bunch parsley 100g feta cheese salt and pepper   Start of with the dough and leave it in the fridge to chill while you chop up all the veggies. Put the veggies in a pan and cook. Leave to cool. Preheat the oven at 200°C. Roll out the dough and cut out circles to your desired size. Divide the filling between the pastry, leaving space around the …

My Veggie Pie

I’m not quite sure what’s happened to summer this year. We’ve had a very wet spring (not that it bothered the puddle jumpers and snail racers of our family) and it looks as though we’re being washed into summer. So, salads are not so much in demand at the moment…that’s why I’ve decided to bake a veggie pie. Comfort food at it’s best. The Ingredients (you can really use any veggies you have rolling around your fridge) 1 courgette 1 leek a branch of cherry tomatoes 1 yellow bell pepper The Pastry 300g flour 100g butter 1tsp salt 5tbsp water The Topping 3 eggs (and +1 for brushing the lid of the pie) 150g creme fraiche salt and pepper 1 bunch of parsley 4tbsp milk Make the dough. Preheat the oven at 200°C. Chop up the veggies (fry the leek and courgette) and the parsley. Mix up the ingredients for the topping and add the parsley. Use half the pastry for the base (my tin is 26cm in diameter). Put the veggies on the base and pour the topping …

Blooms In A Cake

Out of my kitchen window I can see my neighbors Elder bush in full bloom which gave me the idea for this post… The Ingredients 3 Elderflower umbels 125g butter 125g sugar 3 eggs 1.5dl milk 1 Vanilla pod 1/2 lemon zest 250g flour 1 sachet baking powder Heat the milk, pick the flowers off one of the umbels and add to the milk with the seeds of the vanilla. leave to infuse for 1 to 2 hours. Preheat the oven at 180°C. Mix the butter, sugar and eggs. Add the rest of the elderflower (pick them off the umbels first), the lemon, flour and baking powder. Sift the milk through a sieve and stir well. Fill the mixture in to a round tin ca. 24cm and bake for 45 minutes in the bottom half of the oven. Blooms in a bake, Elderflower Cake…

Spice Up Your Spuds

I’m always looking for new ways to spice up plain dishes and recently I came across the spices from oz. (The packing was so cool I couldn’t resist). They’re a delicious and simple way to give your dish an extra kick. So here goes for my spiced up spuds… The Spuds 1kg potatoes olive oil a handful of fresh thyme “Kräutersalz” from oz. and pepper The Dip 200g crème fraiche 1/2 a lemon juiced a handful of fresh coriander “Kräutersalz” from oz. and pepper Preheat the oven at 200°C. Wash the potatoes and cut in halve. Sprinkle the thyme, salt and pepper over them and add a lug of olive oil. Mix and it all up and bake for 45 minutes. For the dip all you have to do is mix all the ingredients together. I’ve made a salad to go with ours but they’re a great side dish for all kinds of menus. (And the kiddies reckon that you don’t need anything to go with them their great on they’re own)

Coffee Cake

Coffee and Cake! What a delicious combination and a good excuse to enjoy a natter with a neighbor or friend (and it gives me a chance to try out my new baking tins). The Ingredients Cake 175g (3/4cup) butter 175g (3/4cup) brown sugar 4 eggs 1tsp cardamon 175g (3/4cup) flour 1 1/2tsp baking powder 40ml (1/5cup) espresso 70g (1/3cup) ground walnuts Butter Cream 240g (1cup) icing sugar 120g butter (1/2cup) butter 60ml (1/4cup) espresso 50g (1/5cup) walnuts for decoration Preheat oven at 180°C (356F). Mix the butter, sugar, eggs and cardamon together. Add the flour, baking powder, espresso and walnuts. Fill the mixture into two round baking tins (ø17cm/6.5inch). Bake for about 35 minutes. In the meantime make the butter cream. After the cakes have cooled down, fill and decorate with the butter cream and walnuts. Enjoy your chat!

Hungry Anyone? I’ve Got Some Hungry Peppers!

Hungry Peppers? Yup! I’ve got some in my fridge waiting to be stuffed… The Ingredients 4 bell peppers 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 200g quinoa 4 mushrooms 250g cherry tomatoes a bunch of parsley 150g bacon Cook the quinoa for approximately 10 minutes in vegetable stock. Preheat your oven at 180°C. While the quinoa cooking cut the tops off the peppers half them and remove the insides. Chop up  the rest of the veggies. When the quinoa is done, remove from heat and place a frying pan there instead and fry the onions, mushrooms and bacon. When all is done mix the quinoa, veggies and the contents of the frying pan together. Season with salt and pepper. Fill the mixture into the peppers. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and serve with some creme fraiche cheese. Anyone Hungry?

Lemonious Cake

I’m not going to lose much time on writing this post as there’s a piece of delicious, lemonious cake waiting for me… The Ingredients 3 eggs 125g butter 125g sugar a pinch of salt 2 lemons 1.5dl milk 250g flour 1 sachet baking powder Preheat the oven at 180°C. Mix the eggs, butter, sugar and salt. Add the lemon zest and juice. Stir in the milk followed by the flour and baking powder. Pour the mixture into the baking tin and bake for 35-40 minutes. Dust with icing sugar and you’re done. Now get a friend over and enjoy!

A Spoonful of Spring?

Here’s a fresh dish to start off your spring. If you indulged slightly over Easter this will definitely soothe you conscience. The Ingredients 1 spring onion 2 courgettes 1 bell pepper 2 beetroots 6 mushrooms 1 fennel a bunch of parsley Preheat the oven at 200°C. Chop up all the veggies and put them into a baking tray. Pour a couple of lugs of olive oil over them. Season with salt and pepper. Toss it around until all the veggies are covered in oil and then place in the oven to bake for 35 minutes. Ready for a kick start into spring?