ProfilBorn in the south of England, I grew up partly in England and partly in Switzerland. From an early age I regularly changed the furniture of my nursery around and discovered my talent for arranging furniture and my eye for style, which later led to my profession as an interior designer. Currently I am trying to develop my own projects next to our three children and our Labrador. I hope with my blog to entertain and to inspire you a little.
Tammy Twinkle

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Über mich

In Südengland geboren, bin ich teils in England und teils in der Schweiz aufgewachsen. Schon früh habe ich regelmässig mein Kinderzimmer umgestellt und dabei meine Vorliebe fürs Einrichten entdeckt, welches ich dann später zum Beruf machte. Zur Zeit versuche ich, neben unseren drei Kindern und unserem Labrador, wieder eigene Projekte zu verwirklichen. Ich hoffe mit meinem Blog Euch ein wenig zu unterhalten und zu inspirieren.
Tammy Twinkle



  1. Barbara says

    I love your use of the Zuki theme. It makes interesting use of your posts, which fit well into a magazine format.

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  2. Tammy, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and liking my tea post. Your blog is SO beautifully laid out!


  3. Susi Endang Tanjung Sakti says

    Thank you Tammy, for visiting my blog, I love the way you set up /style your blog, . It is so beautiful.


  4. You really have a taste for beauty. Loved your blog and thanks for stopping by. Stay connected. Well let me tell you this, you live is a country which I visited once and now always keep dreaming about it 🙂

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  5. Hi Tammy, lovely to meet you. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog and for the ‘like’ on my Bran Muffins, which has led me to your amazing bog. I love what I have seen so far, and look forward to reading more. Take care and have a lovely weekend 🙂

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  6. Hi Tammy, your blog looks lovely! Great work. Thanks for liking the recent post on my blog – Banana and Chocolate Chip Cake. I like the look of your Hazelnut Stick Biscuits – I might give them a try! Switzerland is a lovely place – I went there for the first time over Christmas. Beautiful 🙂

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  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts. I’m glad you did as I was able to be directed to your blog. Your photos are fantastic, such gorgeous scenery even covered in Snow! I am looking forward to trying your recipes, the brownies look delish!

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  9. I too used to move all the furniture around in my room as a child! It’s funny to think back how frequently I did it. A trend that did not change until I was nearly 40!
    Love your style and look forward to more posts.

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  10. I love interior design! Your blog is amazing and love the wood-like background. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking the strawberry festival post. Feel free to follow my blog 🙂

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  11. fraeuleinreiselust says

    Hey Tammy 🙂 I’m happy you dropped by at my blog 🙂 your pictures and the style of your blog definitely inspired me. Thanks for that! Aaaaand your dog is super adorable ❤

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  12. Hello – I’m a Southern UK girl too – growing up in Sussex and ending up back on the Isle of Wight after living in New Zealand and The French Alps. Really pleased to have discovered your site. Beautifully designed and a lovely read.

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  13. Your blog is so inspiring, so full of amazing photos. It just gives me such a warm, wonderful feeling : )
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, because it means I’ve found yours and I look forward to exploring your blog : )

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  14. I love your blog and your format. I did have a hard time finding a place to tell you so. I was glad to find a place here, on your about page.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  15. Hi!
    Thanks for introduciing to your page by liking a recipe on mine, you have such beautiful photos! I spent some time working in Switzerland this summer and absolutely loved it, I look forward to learning more about it and making some tasty treats from your posts 🙂

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  16. Hi Mrs. Twinkle, thanks for stopping by Chlohemian and liking my post about Zagreb :)! I love the layout of your blog and the many recipes. Anything with dates and I’m there! It must be amazing to have the kind of multicultural life you lead 🙂 the important thing is to find time to stop for coffee with your espresso maker – and you’re managing.

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