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“Muottas Muragl” Mountain Hike

Today we took the cable car from “Punt Muragl” 1738m to “Muottas Muragl” 2456m. At the top the kids went crazy because of the snow (only a sprinkling). All three of them can’t wait to get skiing again. But I hope we have to wait a little longer. Our trail, the “Panoramaweg” went along the side of this mountain, you can just make it out at the bottom of the snow line. over little streams… …and bigger streams bits of the trail were a bit precarious Of course we needed a break now and again to for a drink and a snack. (our labrador is hypnotizing the food not the camera) But they can never sit still for long. This alp hut helped reload our sugar levels with their homemade rhubarb cake. And surprise, surprise the kids nearly skipped down mountain. (a little bit of sugar tends to go a long way with our lot) The trail now lead us back under the tree line. typical path markers The last bit of the trail lead us …

Wet Walk

We’re on the kids autumn break in La Punt, the Engadin this week and our first day is really wet and cold (4°C, you can even see the snow line). But as it is with kids you can’t keep them cooped up all day and our labrador needed a walk so we got our gear on and took off to St. Moritz for a walk in the Stazer woods. the highlight were the squirrels (which were really difficult to photograph) Now back at our flat, the kids are dry again and fed and want to go swimming this afternoon. (they obviously didn’t get wet enough this morning)

Weekend Break

I waited for our eldest to get home from school and my man to tie up his work for the weekend. We packed, bundled the kids and dog in to the car and headed for the “Ticino” (the canton in the south of Switzerland). A Weekend glamping (glamour camping).Our bungalow was on a campsite with it’s own beach on the lake Maggiore. Perfekt. Piazza Grande in Locarno the old streets of Locarno promenade along the Lake Maggiore in Locarno We took the cable car up to Madonna Del Sasso Madonna Del Sasso and hiked down the highlight for the kids where the lizards all the way down in and on the walls and what better way to end the day than with a paddle in the Lake Maggiore a great break and very relaxing Back at home now. The bags unpacked, the washing machine going and I’m enjoying creating this post with pictures to last me through the week. Well at least until Monday evening.

Time To Say Goodbye

We’ve had a great holiday but now it is time to sign our entry in the guestbook, pack our bags and leave this lovely place with lots of memories to last us for a while. Well, probably only until Monday morning when school/ kindergarten/ playgroup/ hockey/ boy scouts/ piano lessons…start again. NO, I’m still on holiday at least foreign more night! this little lady has packed… MerkenMerken MerkenMerken

Cliffhanger, Eat Your Heart Out!

Today was probably one of the most spectacular hikes that we’ve done so far, not only were the views breath taking but also parts of the trail were quite difficult especially if you have trouble with heights. Quite surprising was that the normally craziest, wildest and oldest person in our family was being very responsible. We took a cable car up to the “Ebenalp” from there our hike lead through caves and a past a hermits lodge, a chapel called “Wildkirchli” (wild church) and a restaurant all built on the cliff. After the steep bit we were back in typical “Appenzeller countryside with its flowing hills and easy going trails. We walked down to “Schwende” where we took the train back. With a good feeling of having achieved something.  (well until a wasp spoiled it by stinging our daughter while we were waiting for the train) the trail lead through this cave a former hermits lodge with a spectacular view “Wildkirchli” flowing hills of the “Appenzell” with a typical “alp” the train station that was nothing more than a sign post where you have to …

Hiking, Views, And More … Cows

On our latest hike we went from the “Kronberg” to the “Schwägalp” , we had encounters with cows, goats and  an impressive view of the gigantic Swiss flag on the “Säntis”. I really do mean gigantic, it measures 80 x 80 meters! We were just having a snack when suddenly a herd of goats came running down the mountain… …but thanks to our guard dog they didn’t try to steal any of our food. “Now you see it and now you don’t” (the gigantic Swiss flag disappearing behind the clouds)

Happy “Erscht Auguscht”

Tomorrow is the first of August and the swiss national holiday. We’re having some friends over to stay. So today we’ve been busy preparing and decorating. Sometimes with a little help. But mainly my little helpers spent the afternoon marching up and down our road. I’m not quite sure what this parade has to do with the swiss national holiday. The yellow bucket is actually a trophy, but I have’nt worked that one out yet either… …definitely time for some “z’vieri”. Ingredients: 1. Augustweggli (made of a buttery bread dough) Landjäger (a swiss salami) Urnäscher Bergkäse (a local mountain cheese) Rucola (fresh rocket salad from the garden)

It’s Hard Work Being On Holiday

The boys have been spending their afternoons up at the farm “working”. They help get the cows in, feeding and milking them. After they’ve sent them back out again, it’s time to tend to the calfs and clean out the cow shed. After all is done, they come back home very happy and very SMELLY! This is much more fun then tidying up a bedroom. Mmmh! Fresh milk! Chasing after the naughty calfs and keeping them in check. (sounds a bit like my day job)