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Sugar Dusting In Sörenberg

We were woken this morning by our three very excited children. “Mummy! Daddy! It’s snowed!!!” We were pulled downstairs to the big window in the lounge (as all the shutters on the windows upstairs were still shut) were acknowledged that we had a slight dusting of snow and drifted of to the kitchen for some coffee. Of course the kids were going wild planing snowball fights, building snowmen and going sledging… …but much to their disappointment it hasn’t snowed any more…  …and it has actually nearly all melted. But I don’t think that they’ll have to wait to long for a proper snowfall and until then I’ve got time to sort out the winter gear in and find out what still fits these little beanstalks.

Hiking The “Red Horn”

We started the day with a cable car up the mountain “Rothorn” (red horn) at the top we were overwhelmed with a fantastic view (well at least most of us were, our middle child is afraid of heights). With a sea of fog below us (that’s what it’s actually called in swiss german) we headed off down the mountain. A little refreshment on the way…   …and a picnic at the Eissee (ice lake) helped the little ones refuel. A little bit further along we found our own ice. A couple of hours later (with a stop at the spring of the “Emme” which flows into other rivers and eventually ends up in the North Sea) we made it back down to the bottom… …down into the fog.   With tired legs and a great sense of achievement we are now enjoying a quiet evening reading and in our oldest case playing games on any electronic devices he can lay his hands on.

Autumn Break Hike

It’s the kids autumn break and we’re staying at our friends chalet in Sörenberg. The weather is a bit touch and go today so we spent the morning lazing around and at midday we took the cable car up the mountain for lunch so that we could hike down again afterwards. To our surprise and the kids amusement there was a brass band playing at the restaurant… . …but after a while the novelty wore off and we were ready to head down the mountain. Back at the chalet, we obviously didn’t tire the kids out enough as they’re outside playing table tennis in the rain (I’m not quite sure how that can appeal but I’m not complaining as we’ve got a fire going and I’ve got some peace and quiet to write this post).    

“Doei”, We’ll Be Back…

We’ve had a great two weeks windsurfing, long boarding, swimming, canoeing, stand up paddling, building sand castles, playing beach volleyball, feeding the ducks and geese in our garden, sight seeing….and in between all our activities I’ve still found time to sketch, read a book (that’s quite an achievement) and relax.   So for now it’s “doei” (bye) to holland but I’m sure we’ll be back. MerkenMerken

You Can’t Go To Holland Without Visiting A …

Today we headed to the town of Harderwijk to visit an old windmill. The mill was built in 1778 and destroyed by a fire in 1998 but has since been rebuilt in an exact replication. It’s being run by extremely nice volunteers that showed the kids how it all worked and let them ask loads of questions. So if you’re ever in the region it’s a definitely worth a visit. MerkenMerken

Rocking The Road…

We’re off on our summer holidays! After packing half the household (or so it feels). After double checking that we haven’t forgotten anything (passports, dog vaccine pass, travel documents etc.), we are off to Holland … Yuppie!!! After a long 8 hour drive (due to a lot of traffic). We decided to call it a day. We stayed at a little hotel in the town Dinslaken which is actually in the “Ruhrpott” (the industrial part of north Germany), not that you would guess from these pictures… Refreshed and very excited (especially the kids) we headed off to Bad Hoophuizen in Holland. with the countryside getting much flatter than what we’re used too, we could tell that it couldn’t be much further… …a couple of hours later we arrived. Our holiday home for the next two weeks… …right, now it’s time to unpack and relax… MerkenMerken

Last Hike Of Our Autumn Break

we started off at the train station in “La Punt” Our autumn break is coming to an end. Today we hiked for the last time and because the kids have done so well this week we decided they could cope with a tricky climb (as in height and track). We climbed 200m and the track was in some places very steep and very narrow. The way down was a lot easier with a different challenge (young bulls) and spectacular bird of prey (golden eagle). Our younger son with the gigantic rocks that we hiked up. Having arrived at the top our next challenge was to cross a cow field with extremely playful young bulls! (these were the lazier ones) This young lady spent nearly all the way singing and when she wasn’t singing she was shouting: “COW PAT!” idyllic stream… …with a wobbly bridge time for a break and a drink while we were sitting down a golden eagle flew over our heads downhill to “Zuoz” In Zuoz the locals we passed greeted us with “Allegra” Rhaeto-Romanic for the usual …

Another Day, Another Hike And Some Action…

Today we hiked to the “Moteratsch” Glacier. It took us about an hour each way and we were starting to get a few complaints, but it helped that we had some action on the way. There was a helicopter transporting building material to a cabin up on the mountain “Piz Chalchagn” and our younger son couldn’t contain himself, he was jumping up and down and nearly got blown off his feet when the helicopter took off. helicopter air action blown away (literally when the helicopter took off) nearly there, you can see the glacier tongue (the end of the glacier) The “Morteratsch” Glacier to busy for lunch three awestruck kids (probably the only speechless seconds of the day)