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“Räbeliechtli” (“Räbe” sugar beet, “Liechtli” light) is a swiss autumn tradition, where the kindergarten children carve little lanterns out of sugar beets and when it gets dark they do a procession through the neighborhood singing their “Räbeliechtli” song. The Making The “Räbeliechtli” Song – “Ich go mit mini laterne” “ich go mit mini laterne, und mini Laterne mit mir. Am himmel lüchted dSterne, da unde lüchte mir. De güggel chrääht und chatz miaut, eh,eh,eh, La bimmel, la bimmel, la bumm.” The result  

Builder Birthday Party

When my son decided to have a builder theme birthday party I must admit I wasn’t quite sure how I was going decorate (treat sachet, cake, house) and what I was going to do with the kids. But after a bit of thought I came up with this… My son wanted to do some concrete mixing, some sawing and hammering.  Concrete was out of question (to long to dry and the additives aren’t exactly child friendly), sawing (to dangerous) so it had to be hammering (not quite as bad as sawing). It’s a “marble music machine” you draw a circle on the board the kids hammer the nails along the mark (we managed it without any casualties), put rubber bands around the outside of the nailed circle and a couple on top to stop the marble that you put in from falling out. And there you have it! Your own “marble music machine”. And last but not least the birthday cake… It’s a simple chocolate gingerbread cake (see recipe) with a chocolate glaze and to go with …

Anyone Up For A Hockey Match?

The kids are on their autumn break and our eldest decided he wanted to do some DIY and make his own hockey goals. I thought it was a good project to keep him busy so we started with the planning straight after breakfast yesterday and much to my surprise we were finished the same day. I think he was highly motivated, because he and his siblings love hockey. Even before I had all the netting stapled, I already had hockey balls flying round my ears! As soon I we got home from the building center the work started. I hadn’t even had time to unpack the car and someone was already busy… It always amuses me that when they enjoy doing something how quickly it gets done. (not like when I ask them to tidy up their bedrooms) Drilling is definitively his favorite job… After the frame was standing I got the job of finishing off the net. (stapling isn’t easy when hockey balls keep flying into the net) Finished! Both the goals and so am I.

Bubble Fun

Soap bubbles are fun! It doesn’t matter how old you are. As soon as I’d got everything set up I had to give it a go. And really wasn’t going to stop, but as I needed a couple of pici’s I let our youngest son take over… I’ve tried making a soap mixture myself but not with much success. I love this “Pustefix” stuff.  

A Perfekt Summer Afternoon

Our Garden is our little paradise, especially when its a hot afternoon like today.The kids are busy building castles in the sandpit, making tents on the lawn, running under the sprinkler, having water fights, picnics and eating ice cream….A perfekt summer afternoon.

Girly Afternoon

The Boys went off to watch a motocross even though rain was forecast, which of course didn’t stop them. So my three year old daughter and I invited my friend, and her daughter over for afternoon tea and a film. And what better film to watch than “Frozen”. We’ve had a wonderful, cosy afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just as my friend was leaving the boys turned up totally exhausted and hungry (as always) and in need of a bath!       Recipe 3 eggs 125g sugar 125g butter a pinch of salt 250g flour 1 sachet of baking powder cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg Decor icing sugar food coloring Throw all the ingredients together and mix them until you create a soft mixture, use spices according to your taste. Scoop the mixture then in to about twelve cupcake forms and bake for 25 minutes at 180°C. For decorating put the powder sugar and a bit of food coloring in a glas and mix with a little water. I added the snowflakes just for fun.

Friendly Faces

Unser Gartenzaun hat gelitten. Das nasse Wetter hat ihm zu schaffen gemacht und die Kinder haben wohl auch mit ihrem schaukeln an den Latten dazu beigetragen, dass nun einen Teil ersetzt werden musste. Wir sind mit den Abmessungen in den Baumarkt gefahren, dort jedoch festgestellt, dass es nur einen Typen gibt und der 10cm zu hoch war. Also mussten wir auf dem Nachhause weg einen kleinen Umweg machen um bei meinem Vater, seine Stichsäge abzuholen. Zuhause wurden dann sämtliche Latten zugeschnitten. Noch bevor die Abfallhölzer auf den Boden knallten, wurden sie von meinen fleissigen helfern aufgelesen um später damit zu spielen. Während ich den Zaun montiert und gestrichen habe (auch mit meinen kleinen Helfern) wurde schon heftig diskutiert was mit den Abfällen geschehen soll. Und das ist dabei raus gekommen…


Es ist soweit, wir müssen das Gartenhäuschen aufräumen, die Spinnweben wegfegen, die Möbel entstauben, die Fenster putzen, den Boden wischen, die Kissen und Decken lüften. Ja, es gibt viel zu tun und meine fleissigen Kleinen Helfer haben angeboten mir zu helfen. Doch wo sind sie nur? Alle irgendwo in der Nachbarschaft am spielen. Da bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig als es selbst zu erledigen… …selbst ist der Putzteufel.