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DIY – Creative Cooking Utensils

It’s Mr. T’s Birthday! Mr. T’s loves to cook (well that is, when he’s not biking) and because he has been very busy lately, creating delicious dinners, it’s taken a toll on our casserole pan (my pressie). While I was looking for something to cook for his Birthday dinner, the kids got busy making him a personal pressie… …of course as soon as the fun bit was finished, they all disappeared off outside to play with their friends and left me to do the wrapping up… …which I secretly quite enjoyed.

Lantern Love

This is a Swiss kindergarten tradition. It’s at the beginning of November when the sugar beets are harvested and it’s called “Räbeliechtli” (sugar beet light). The kids sculpture little lanterns at kindergarten or at home… Then in the evening they all meet up at kindergarten and parade around the neighborhood with their lanterns, singing songs as they go along. After the parading it’s back to kindergarten, to enjoy some warm tee and gingerbread.  

A Stroll & A Swing

With the dog needing a walk and the kids some fresh air. We headed off up the hill behind our house. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as forecasted so we had to take cover a couple of times. But as soon as they saw the swing, they couldn’t have been less bothered about the weather, quite the opposite they were enjoying themselves so much that didn’t want to go home (pleeeeease Mummy just one more go)… …little adventures on the way… …and of course The Swing! While the boys couldn’t get enough our youngest took a break. Wheeeee! Look at me! After a lot more swinging it was finally time to go home with the promise to come back soon…

We’re Having Kittens…

…they were born on Sunday the 15th of May at the farm Waldhof. Today we went to visit them for the first time and they are so sweet! Have a look for yourself… We’re having a ginger and a grey tabby and we’ve got to wait 9 very long weeks until we can bring them home. But we’ll be visiting them in the meantime so I’ll keep you updated…

Wellie Weather!

It’s rainy, it’s pouring…and we’re making the most of it. The little ones are out in their rain gear jumping in puddles and looking for snails. Mr. T is enjoying the peace reading the daily paper, while I’m browsing though cook books and painting. Ah! What a perfect start to the weekend… “When life gives you rainy days, put cute boots on and jump in puddles!”

Sowing The Seeds…

This year we’ve had to wait a little longer than usual as the temperature/ frosts had put things on a hold. But now the suns out and the weathers warmed up so it’s perfect for my little helper and I to get our planting started (and a good excuse for not having to tackle the mountain of washing that’s waiting). My little busy bee needs to be fed and watered too.

What Time Is It?

April at it’s best! After waking up to snow this morning (which didn’t stick, thank goodness) and sunny spells at lunch time we were in for a windy walk on the “Baldegg” this afternoon… …but it wasn’t to windy to play  “what time is it?” On the way home we popped into the farm shop for a bottle of apple juice and some nice rosy apples that looked just like the kiddies cheeks.  

Sunny Spring Saturday Afternoon

The first warm Spring Saturday and everyone’s at home (no Field Hockey, Birthday Party’s or Boy Scouts) so that means GARDENING! Yes, at last it’s time to roll back our sleeves and put our backs in to it. Which also means we’ll probably be in a bad shape tomorrow with aches and pains from muscles that we didn’t realize we had. (With we, I mean Mr. T and I). Not only do the plants need a little TLC, of course the workers had to be fed and watered too… …I used the opportunity to write this post but now I’m back off outside. I wish you all sunny spring weekend!

Little Miss Ladybird

Carnival “Fasnacht” starts here in Switzerland tomorrow. Our youngest has been debating on what she wants to go as. It’s been a heat between being a dinosaur, a hedgehog or a lion. Today she decided that she was going as a ladybird. So I whipped out my sewing machine and got going before she could change her mind again. Little Miss Ladybird is ready to party!

Advent Nights – Advent Lights

Last night it was our turn to light up our “Adventsfenster”. It’s a Swiss tradition. Each neighborhood has 24  advent “windows”.  An advent window is a christmasy themed installation that can be seen from the street. As advent progresses, more and more of the “windows” come to light. Of course it’s also a great reason for an outdoor party! I started at the beginning of November with the planing and executing… …and like with a lot of my projects it ended up taking me a little longer than expected (I was touching it up just hours before our guests arrived). Party time!