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It’s Snowtime In Winter Wonderland!

We’re up in the Swiss Mountains, enjoying our yearly ski holiday in the spectacular “Engadin” (the area around St. Moritz). The weather is beautiful (if maybe a bit chilly), so I couldn’t resist taking my camera on my morning dog walk.

It was about -10°C/ 14°F when I started off…

…that made taking the pictures without gloves, quite a challenge, but with these images of the river “Flaz”…


…along the river “Inn”…

…to the village of “Samedan”.

A truly spectacular walk…even if someone got a bit tired of me taking snaps.


    • Thank you! My model is an old lady but she absolutely loves the snow and becomes a puppy again, unfortunately her age does catch up with her towards the end of the walk. 😉

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  1. Wonderful images, Tammy!
    Living in sunny (most of the time) Australia I’m always fascinated with its opposite. I’d love to venture to lands such as Switzerland during the colder months, but I know I’d probably be wrapped in blankets most of the time! 🙂

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