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Lighting up the Christmas Spirit

Here is my “little” (well it started out as a little idea) DIY Christmas project.

To beginn with I thought that I would use 1 or two pallets (and ended up enjoying the sawing so much that I did four). I was very pleased with the result and decided to see what it would look like if I painted one (BIG mistake!!!). It worked out so well that I ended up painting the whole lot (half way through I did start to question the whole idea). But it was well worth it…

The Wood Work

The Painting

The Result

If you want to give it a go all you need is:
-a couple of pallets
-a jigsaw
-a drill
-a tin of paint
-some Christmas lights
(and some patience)
Have fun!


  1. You are one talented lady. That is absolutely beautiful. You must feel very satisfied with your hard work, knowing that it produced such a wonderful result.

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  2. Your fairy tale village took my breath away! Of ALL the Christmas decorations your creations are absolutely the finest. Absolutely the best. I am enthralled and pea green with envy they are not lighting up the world outside my door. Bravo. Cheers Virginia

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  3. I definitely don’t have space for anything like that at home, but one day in the future, when I have a house with a garden, I MUST make something like that!

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