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A Wonderful Waterfall Walk

As I mentioned in my post A Roadtrip to Start the Season” we have parked our caravan here in “Pontresina” (1815 metres above sea level) and are now spending the kids summer holidays up here.
Today we decided to walk to a waterfall on the opposite side of the lake. I’ve seen the waterfall on my morning dog strolls and couldn’t wait to go exploring…

Our Sunny, couldn’t resist the lake and someone else enjoyed the simple pleasure of a dandelion…

… even with a couple of distractions on the way, we reached our destination in about 45 minutes.

In no time at all the kids were busy stacking stones like the ones that were scattered around the base of the waterfall. (I’m sure my blogging buddy Mike will like them, check his post). They were so busy, that they completely forgot about the time and I had to drag them away with the promise, that we’d go back another day.


  1. Your waterfall was glorious, and I loved the stacked stones. We have explored a few waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains while our grandsons are with us. It is great fun.

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    • Thanks, if your nearby, it‘s definitely worth a walk…if not I can recommend a trip to St. Moritz/ Silvaplana as the region is spectacular (one of my favourite destinations) 😉


  2. I love your recipes especially the Beat root bake! Beats are in season right now at the Port Angeles Farmers Market, I think I will be picking some up this Saturday.
    Thanks for the great website.

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  3. The water of that place you went to is probably amazing to drink!!!! There was a time period when I drank spring water when I was living close to one and it was the best water I have ever drunk up to this day in my life!

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