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A Roadtrip to Start the Season

At last! We packed our stuff, hooked our caravan up and headed off to our Summer season campsite.
Our journey started in Schneisingen (where our caravan is parked) and went right through Switzerland, up to the mountain village of Silvaplana (1815 meters above sea level). It’s quite an adventure for us, as:
-we’ve never driven our caravan onto a car shuttle train before (the pass road has to many steep turns)
-we’ve never camped at this altitude (snow possible even in Summer)
-and we’ve never parked our caravan at a campsite for a whole season
(middle of April until the middle of October)
Well we’re always good for an adventure so here goes…

The journey from Schneisingen to Klosters wasn’t very eventful (except for the scenery)…

The car shuttle train took us from Klosters, 19 kilometers through the Vereina tunnel to Sagliains, in the middle of the beautiful Engadin.
Only a couple more Kilometers to go…

Made it! The kids were great (to excited to argue), no breakdowns or mishaps (although the road got a bit tight going through some of the villages towards the end) but all in all, a success. Now all we’ve got to do is get ourselves installed and relax…



  1. Have a great vacation. Jude and I are off on a similar adventure the week after next – driving down to Corsica (via ferry from Livorno) with our camping gear in the back. Can’t wait… 🙂

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  2. Penny Mason Publications says

    How wonderful. I’ve never visited Switzerland, but it’s a dream I still carry.
    Penny thepennymasonpost.wordpress.com

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