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Barbecue Tips: Barbecuing with Kids & Gadgets!

Today I’m delighted to publish the blog article, I’ve written for the company “Tchibo”. Check this Link.

Spring is here at last! Everything is blossoming, the garden is calling. Here are 2 recipes for kids and grown-up’s to kick off into the new BBQ saison!

Burgers for the „little ones“

Our kids love burger’s. And even better if they can prepare their favourite recipes themselves.

Best Burger” Recipe
750g/ 26.5oz minced meat
1 bread bun or two pieces of bread
1 onion
1 egg
1 bunch of parsley (not liegt bei all)
salt & pepper

Soak the bread in warm water. Chop up the onion and parsley. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl (except for the bread). Squeeze the water out of the bread and add to the mixture. Season with salt and pepper, knead it and we’re ready to make the burger’s.

As my eager, little cook is demonstrating… put the burger mixture into the form, press it until it fills the form (right up to the brim) turn it over, press the bottom out and there you go! A perfect burger.

I personally think this tool is great because:
-all the burger’s are the same size which means they all take the same amount of time
-and no more arguments about who gets the biggest burger

Right, now all Daddy has to do is grill them and put them in their buns. With yummy ingredients such as: tomatoes, cheese, salad and ketchup (of course), we let the kid’s take over and arrange their “Best Burger’s” to their individual preferences.

And the kids conclusion: “BRILLIANT!”

Pleasure for the „Grown-Up’s“

With the “little one’s” are very content with their burger’s. That means it’s time to create some tasty barbecue treats for the “Grown-Up’s”…

My husband loves cool, high-tec gadgets! Therefore he was extremely pleased with the bluetooth barbecue thermometer Now he can connect his mobile (his favourite gadget) to barbecuing.

All he had to do was download the GrillnGo App, stick the needle into the chicken and connect the two. Choose what to cook (veal, pork, chicken etc.) and the App asks you how you want it (bloody to well done) and it does all the work. Goodbye raw meat and under cooked chicken. No need to cut your food to make sure that it’s done.

I’m thrilled! And the boys think that their new gadget is cool too, that they can “play”  while they’re barbecuing (they could hardly take their eyes off the display of the temperature reader).

I love creating new recipes and flavourings. So while my husband and the boys were enjoying themselves with their new gadget, I’ve been busy experimenting with this “flavour box”. I’ve soaked some Rosemary and Thyme in a bowl of water for about thirty minutes (to stop them from smouldering under the heat), then I put them in the smoker box and left them with the chicken under the lid of the barbecue to give the chicken breasts a little extra flavour. Delicious!

“Smoked Chicken” Ingredients
2 chicken breasts
a bunch of Rosemary
a bunch of Thyme
Tip: instead of fresh herbs you can also use smoker chips that come in various flavours such as maple, beech, oak etc. depending on what your barbecuing

To go with it I made a courgette-tomato salad with a simple dressing and a bowl of crisps.

Everyone is happy and satisfied, our first Spring barbecue was a complete success! The washing up will have to wait, I’m going to enjoy the last sunray’s of the day…


If you are interested in the burger press, the bluetooth barbecue thermometer or the smoker box then click here for further information.


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