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Grab a Grapefruit…

…and off we go! Here goes with my first post this year. It’s a juicy grapefruit salad.

4 grapefruits
2 avaocados
2 fennels
a handful of lamb’s lettuce
1 tsp cardamom
1/2 a lemon
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey
salt and pepper

Cut the grapefruit into small slices. Chop up the avocados in cubes and slice the fennel. Scatter the lettuce into a bowl and add the grapefruit, avocado and fennel. Whisk the dressing ingredients together and pour over the salad.

No need to start the year with a guilty conscience. Now enjoy this!


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  2. I love grapefruit and I eat it very often when I’m in Spain or California, but now that I live in London it’s really hard to find good ones! They are always unripe and too bitter… but if I find a good one I will try and make a salad with it 🙂

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  3. kitchentablebaking says

    Oh this sounds so fresh a delicious, what a great combo! A beautiful starter idea for a dinner party! Noting it for the future, thanks for sharing!

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