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Advent Wreath

With the beginning of the Christmas count down today, it is definitely time for me to make my Advent Wreath. (Especially as the day after tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent) So here goes for a quick and easy DIY job…

4 candles
4 candle holders
a straw wreath
pine branches
pine cones (any decoration material you like)

Cover the straw wreath with pine branches and bind them on with the wire. Place the candle holders with the candles at 12/3/6 and 9 o’clock. wrap wire around your decorations and stick them into the wreath. Bind the string around the candles and tie the labels on.

…now that’s done I can relax and wait until Sunday to light the first candle…



  1. As I was scanning through the pictures, I saw the cat laying there and thought it was cute and hoped there were more pictures. I was not disappointed. Love that grey star pillow!!

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  2. Gorgeous DIY ! Reading your post, I remember I’ve seen that project in a Christmas book when I was a little girl. It’s so beautiful and always fashionable. Furthermore, I find your kitty so cute 🙂 He perfectly fits in the decor 🙂

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  3. acountryhovel says

    Your blog is so beautiful. This post makes me want to curl up with some hot chocolate and turn on the Christmas music! Thanks for sharing your lovely work.

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  4. What an elegantly simple and charming idea. This may be a new tradition for my new life. Very cool, thank you for sharing; and introducing your blog to my blog. 😁 Ps your sweet cat is precious!!! Happy Holidays to you both!!

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