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Glamping at Lake Constance

After spending my childhood holidays camping and now taking our kids camping, we have decided that it’s time to upgrade. Goodbye to damp tents and punctured airbeds…hello warm, dry, cosy caravan. Let the adventures begin!

After hitching up the caravan and driving for three hours (mainly on the motorway but towards the end we had a couple of roundabouts, quite a challenge!) to “Kressbronn” where we are spending our autumn break at a campsite on the shore of Lake Constance.

While we set up our camp, the kids disappeared off to do some exploring…

…we hadn’t seen them for while (I went to take some pics while they where busy).

Only for them to turn up a couple of hours later wanting food. We hadn’t quite worked out how everything in the kitchen worked (gas cooker the least of our problems, water pumps and fridge needed to be set up). So instead of reading the manual (a big, fat file), we treated them and ourselves to a meal out. A perfect start to our holiday!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! Two years ago I decided I was done with tents and the hard ground! We have been glamping in camp grounds that provide a solid structure with a full bed, table, dresser, night stands and lamps! Someone even comes in the morning to bring us wood and coffee! I still count it as camping because I have the bug bites to prove it. Enjoy your new found mobility and comfort 🙂

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  2. larryvc says

    I’m glad you called it glamping. If we are not sleeping on the ground or in a tent ourselves, but are in our van Moby, I have a hard time calling it “camping”.

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  3. Ausgezeichnet, haben wir viel gemacht mit die Kinder! Im Wohnmobil! Deine Bilder sind so schoen immer, ich geniesse die ganz viel! Bodensee and Lake Constance sind so schoen, ich moechte ganz arg mal wieder dort sein! Danke Schoen fuer die schoene Erinnerung! Kennst du Ueberlingen? Das ist ein von unseren lieblings Plaetze!!!!! Ware ich schon ganz oft!

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  4. xiongmao12 says

    Thanks for the like! I love the interior of your RV; it looks so cozy!! And the campground is beautiful; wished I could tow my beach house there. I’m sure your family will have many wonderful adventures in yours. Pauline

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    • Thank you, I’m sure I’ll be posting more of clamping adventures in the spring, but for now our caravan is in hibernation for the winter 😉


  5. Nice photos and representation of your “Glamping” trip. You might think about sharing it while you’re not using it. Helps offset the costs;-) Happy Camping!

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  6. I have also entered that time of life when sleeping on the ground has lost ALL allure. We love our camper (“caravan”) and hope you do, too!

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