Summer Holiday 2017 Switzerland, Summer Holiday Highlights
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Hiking from “La Punt” to “Zuoz”

Today is our last day of our summer holidays, which also means our last hike.
We took the train this morning from “Zuoz” (the village we’re staying in) to “La Punt-Chaumues-ch”.

From there we hiked up the hill. The first half in the bright sunshine with the temperature at about 25°C/ 77°F (which felt a lot hotter), the second half of the climb (thank goodness) was in the woods!

When we got to the top, we followed the path above “Madulain”…

…down to a little stream, where we had some lunch.

Feeling refreshed, we took off on our last leg of the hike to “Zuoz”.

Even if we’re a bit tired after a hike, it’s always worth the effort!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! They will be great keepsakes for your family to remember this wonderful holiday in the Alps. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. It has been so nice to see a part of the world that I’ve have dreamed of visiting. Thank you!

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  2. That looks so idyllic, and how lovely that your children are enjoying walking in the countryside. I am sure they will remember it always (even the bits where they squabble – we did that too and it always makes us all laugh when we remember how we argued). Hmmmm, might have to break out of my cupboard and prod hubby into going somewhere for a few days where it might be sunny. I have lost hope for the UK this year – we are the rain capital of Europe, I think.

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