Summer Holiday 2017 Switzerland, Summer Holiday Highlights
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Climbing in Pontresina…and some riding too!

We can’t sit still…as you might of gathered. After hiking and biking (sorry no bike post, as it’s difficult to take pics while climbing up and whizzing down hills), it’s time for some climbing at the climb park in Pontresina. After a safety introduction it was time to hit the ropes. The younger children (4-6 years old) go on a course that’s about 1.5-2m/5-6.5ft above the ground, the older ones (7-8 years old) are up at about 2-5m/6.5-16.5ft and our oldest was up in the trees at 5-15m/16.5-49ft!!!

We can’t hang around all day…😉
We’ve got a little person in our family that loves horses. Well to be honest, as soon as they get to close, she gets a bit intimidated by there size. That’s why she decided to go pony riding instead, only to realise that they where to big too, so she ended up on a…donkey!

With her older brother joining in for support…they were off!

While they enjoyed their little ride, we took a look around the stables.


After a short trek in the surrounding hills (our happy youngster thought it was much to short), it was time to say goodbye.

…but I’m sure we’ll be back soon!


  1. I enjoy reading about your family’s adventures. I can feel the love and family bonding when I see your pictures. The scenery is so beautiful. Wishing you more wonderful family time.

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  2. That’s very brave of our children. I recently watched little ones zipline across a gorge and I thought I would be sick for them. My son, on the other hand, thought it would be fantastic. Ekk.

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  3. Als ich ein Kind war, also in den fünfziger Jahren, wohnten wir in einem kleinen Haus — vier Kinder in einem Dachzimmer. Es war ungeheuer heiss im Sommer, deshalb schliefen wir im Garten. Obwohl nicht weit vom Stadtzentrum hatten wir jede Menge Abenteuer in den Wäldern der Gegend. Hier beschreibe ich einige Gedächtnisse, wenn Sie Interesse haben:

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