Summer Holiday 2017 Switzerland, Summer Holiday Highlights
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“Ils Lejins” from Lake to Lake

Another day, another hike. “Ils Lejins” is a 3 hour hike, that goes from lake to lake, up on the mountain “Furtschellas”. It starts at the top of the cable car station (2313 meters/ 7585 ft above sea level). The first bit is a 300m (984 ft) climb up to the first lake.

And a dip in the lake, was every bit worth the steep climb, just look at our happy doggy!

From then on it was more or less flat…

…not that, that means we didn’t need refuelling…

…we hit the trail again, only to see our first marmot! (For you it’s that tiny spec on top of the pile of rocks)

The way back to the cable car, was spectacular views and beautiful lakes all the way. (And of course a couple of rocks had to be thrown in the lakes on the way.)

With tired legs (well some of us) we enjoyed the ride back down in the cable car.



  1. Such beautiful scenery and great pictures of your family hike! I love the marmot, too and your dog in the alpine lake. I can’t wait to see more from your family holiday! Enjoy your time in the Alps!

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    • Thank you, I must admit, it isn’t difficult to take great shots in this scenery! And there will be a couple more posts to come…


  2. TheSpoonMage says

    I so love going on hikes with you. I live only about 100 feet above sea level and, since I am not a hiker anymore, the beauty of mountains is something I only get in pictures. Thanks!

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  3. Beautiful pictures! I know the feeling of tired legs, hiked a bunch recently and every night my legs had that “tired but in a good way ache” – Kat

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