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“Vadret da Morteratsch” – a glacier disappearing before our eyes

Our latest adventure, was a 50 minute walk, to “Vadret da Morteratsch”. A once majestic glacier that is rapidly melting, which was made very clear by the markers along the way, showing where the snout used to be (1880, 1900, 1920 etc.).

We started of at the restaurant Morteratsch, crossed over the railway tracks and hit the trail. The closer we got to the snout, the more our surroundings turned from luscious green to ragged rocks.

The last marker shows where the snout was in 2015…only two years ago!

We explained about the glacier melting to the kids, although the younger ones probably aren’t old enough to understand.

Their main concern was who could make the biggest splash, by throwing rocks into the icy streams.





  1. North Coast Mum says

    AMAZING. What a walk! I love that there are benches close to it so people can sit and take it all in.

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    • It really is shocking to see that global warming is causing these majestic glaciers to melt so quickly but on the other hand very intriguing to see what it reveals…I’m trying to look on the bright side.


  2. One wonders what ice-age people thought about this, when the last glacial recession began 40,000 years ago.
    Where I live, the ice was a mile deep.
    Thanks for taking us to such an interesting and beautiful landscape.

    Seek peace,


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