Summer Holiday 2017 Switzerland, Summer Holiday Highlights
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We’re off on our Summer Holidays!

After packing, tiding up the house and garden, making sure the cat and post are being looked after, it was time for half the family to catch the train off to Zuoz our summer holiday destination in the Swiss alps. It was only half the family because Mr. T and the boys decided to take their bikes, which of course didn’t leave much room in the car 😉, but I’m not complaining as the train ride is spectacular and very relaxing…

…and of course having a welcoming committee (our youngest son & doggy) with a chauffeur (Mr. T) that whisked us off to our chalet was rather nice!






  1. Happy holidays to you and your lovely family. 🙂 Though I hope the weather is better there than it is here today… (I’m also worried that you said ‘cat’ and not cats… I hope you still have 2…?)

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    • Thank you!
      Well the weather was fine until you mentioned it… 😉😂
      You’re very observant, our tomcat has also decided to go on a summer holiday. The only problem is, he forgot to tell us 🙄. (It’s not the first time he has disappeared, we hope that he’s o.k. and enjoying his adventure)

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      • I just like to stay up to date with the Swiss forecasts – as it’s very important to our guests, and my walk choices of course! 🙂 Let’s hope your tomcat is safe and having a good time then – maybe he knew what the weather was going to be like, so he packed his cozy and set off south! (A reverse Dick Whittington maybe? Oh no it isn’t…! 🙂 )

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        • We’ve had quite a rainy day today and more is forecast for tomorrow and the temperatures to drop further too. Maybe we should follow suit and all set off south ☀️☀️☀️


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