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Sleepover at the “Spitzmeilenhütte” – part 1

We’ve been wanting to stay in a “SAC Hütte” (a hut catered and financed by the Swiss Alpine Club). These huts are very remote and the only way to access them, is by hiking. As they are extremely popular, we had to book our stay at the “Spitzmeilenhütte” in February. Which means of course that we couldn’t choose the date depending on the weather, and that can turn out to be a little tricky as you will see…

We started our two day hike, in a slight drizzle, by taking the cable car from “Tannenboden” to “Maschgenkamm”, hoping that weather would be better at the top of the mountain.

The weather was slightly better at the top, but a lot cooler (only 10°C/ 50°F in comparison to the 22°C/72°F when we left home). With a strong wind blowing, we started our 2 and a half hour hike still hoping that it might brighten up.

Allas we were in for worse, as a half hour before we reached the “Spitzmeilenhütte”, the rain set in.

We reached our destination absolutely drenched but enjoyed a very cosy afternoon/ evening with our new friends Judith and Michel and their children Salome, Jorin and Jan that were also staying the night. To find out how the next day went, look out for my post…

Sleepover at the “Spitzmeilenhütte” – Part 2







  1. So interesting! How do you usually keep kids occupied in mountain huts? Do you carry pack of cards, play charade, bring books or they are usually quite tired after a day hiking? Thank you 🙂

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    • Our kids only carried their teddies in their backpacks. Usually the huts supply board and card games, fortunately, because our lot seem to have endless energy…😉

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  2. sweetandpea says

    Looks like an amazing adventure! I had never heard of these huts, but I’m adding it to my hiking bucket list!

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  3. Hey, i know this area very well. It’s very near to me and a very good walk and stay with children’s. I hope, next time You will have Sunshine.

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  4. Thanks for sharing, now I have a new idea of what to do if I go back to Switzerland. 🙂 Couple of years back we visited Zermatt and enjoyed the view of the Matterhorn from the place we stayed. We had a very nice time! Surely I would enjoy doing a sleepover like you and your family did such a nice opportunity for breathing fresh air, moving, and enjoying the views and the company. ❤

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