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Climbing in the Klöntal

Yup! We’ve got the camping bug and are back at our favourite lakeside campsite in the Klöntal. After enjoying ourselves so much last time, we packed our stuff on Friday and headed off to the mountains. This time we couldn’t resist a hike in our panoramic surroundings. So on Saturday we got our walking boots on and took the path up towards the “Chäsalp”…

…but half way up the steep climb, we decided to take a ridgeway path to “Richisau”. We thought it would be easier for the kids…

(we weren’t the only ones out for a climb)

…what we didn’t realise, was that parts of the ridgeway path really were on a ridge…

…but all the hard work was well worth it for this view…

…and of course for this delicious piece of chocolate cake!

After the long and adventurous hike we took the easy way back…

…the good old “Postauto”.




  1. Stunning views – and a rather tasty looking wedge of chocolate cake! I visited Switzerland a few times when I was living in Alsace, and am taking a short trip over to Geneva soon, but still need to venture out to those mountains and try out some Swiss trails!

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  2. I was there in spirit with you all! Memories of all those wanderungen mit kaffee und kuchen danach!! Herrlich! Vielen Dank! Can hardly wait to go back to Germany!!!

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