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Soul Soothing Celery Soup

After an eventful week…one of the cats went missing for 5 days, our younger son bruised his arm badly and had to wear a sling for a couple of days and our youngest caught Scarlet Fever…all that next to the usual organised chaos. I definitely need a little bit of soul food. If you feel the same give this a go!

The Ingredients
1 onion
400g/ 1.7cups celery Root
2tbsp olive oil
4dl/ 0.8pint cider or apple juice
5dl/ 1pint  vegetable stock
1,5dl/ 0.3pint cream
salt and pepper
half a bunch of chervil

Chop up the onion and celery root, fry until the onions brown slightly. Add the cider and vegetable stock. Leave to simmer for about 30 minutes. Purée and pour in the cream. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with chervil and there you have it…

…perfect soul food.



  1. penpaperandpetals says

    I hope your family is on the mend to good health! Brilliant recipe and photography. Going to add this to my recipe box, Thank you!

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  2. Megan says

    I love your handwritten recipe card! And the photos are so, so gorgeous. I haven’t cooked much with celery roots, but I’m definitely going to give them a try with this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. says

    I love the rich, earthy flavor of celery root and other root vegetables. They realign our connection to the earth, which is perhaps why they give our soul so much comfort.

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  4. Ten Thousand Recipes says

    I have never tried cauliflower in a soup but you make it look so delicious that I actually want too!

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  5. This soup sounds great!
    I love celeriac and have posted recipes about it.
    It was nearly unknown in England till recently – I think the Polish community, who use it rather than celery stalks, have contributed to its popularity.
    If you have never tried it give it a go – it is super.

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  6. I always make a celery broth soup (without dairy) when anyone in my family is sick. This looks like a soup to serve for a special meal. I plan on trying it!

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