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A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s been absolutely pouring down with rain for the last couple of days, so it’s great to leave my wellies in the garage and head up the hill with my furry friend in glorious sunshine…

…from busy bees to lazy lizards…

…and a refreshing bath to end a perfect walk!


  1. Tammy your posts are always so refreshing…so simple, fun and serene. Definitely a “breath of fresh air”. Love your pictures. You live in an amazing and beautiful place. Great dog, he’s so cute. Thanks for sharing.

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      • Instead of dancing here’s my answer. (my post to facebook) . So here’s where i messed AGAIN! Normally, i put up polybraid to divide my 20 acre paddocks into 10 acre paddocks during the growing season which typically coincides with calving season. BUT, this year, i purposefully moved calving earlier almost four weeks AND we are unseasonably cold, so grass is not growing. Therefore, subdividing has been made my job harder because i have to shift the cows more often so they don’t grub the blades too short. So, just now, i had to run up in the rain to shift them, got my boot stuck in the mud and the forward momentum sent me splat in a mud hole. I scooted back to retrieve my boot, then crawled out of the hole Yes, this was the day i was just gonna run up in the car right quick – you know the one i just vacuumed and cleaned the other day. Thankfully, i keep big sheets of cardboard and a blanket in the boot. Took off what coats and clothes i could, threw them in the boot, the covered the seat with the blanket. Yup, doing the washing now. Most of my problems are created by my own stupid decisions.

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  2. Amy says

    I remember when we lived in Germany we were so desperate to see the sun! Enjoy that sunshine and get some Vitamin D!

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    • … in that case…yes, we were lucky and the garden appreciated it too.
      When water is concerned (rain, muddy stream, murky pond, etc.) our dog just can’t resist 😉

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  3. Here’s to the sunshine that I hope will make an appearance soon. In the meantime, I will enjoy your nature shots, which are lovely.

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