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Our Easter Egg Tradition

I’ve just realised that I did a post like this last year, it has obviously become a bit of a family tradition. So here goes for you want to give it a try…

All you’ll need is:
-eggs (raw)
-leaves or grasses
-old tights
-onion skins

While we took our dog out, the kids enjoyed collecting leaves, flowers and even an empty snail shell (not that we could use that for the eggs).

Once we got home, we put the leaves and flowers on the eggs. Fixed them with some old tights, tied them up with some thread…

…and boiled them for 10 minutes in the onion skins.


Happy Easter!


  1. penpaperandpetals says

    I love this! I’m going to give this a try. Part of the fun will be collecting the botanicals. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 Happy Easter!

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  2. I did this last year based on your directions!! I tied something new this year. I used all natural dyes. Beets for pink and turmeric for yellow and paprika for red. I have to say, I am a little underwhelmed. The colors are super subtle. – Kat

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  3. hjkcleckheatonu3a says

    I just dyed my eggs with skins yesterday before I read this – next year will have a go at adding the leaves etc.

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  4. hjkcleckheatonu3a says

    Realised I did comment under my other account name –
    about dying just using onion skins!
    From journeyfroma polish kitchen

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  5. This is a tradition I grew up with in my home country and something I have introduced in my workplace that is becoming a small tradition for the children we look after. Must say, this year, we had the most beautiful eggs…

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