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Meeting Mike…

Early this morning I took a 20 minute train ride to Zürich to meet my blogging buddy Mike ( for the first time.
He lives in Evolène thats in the alps, in the south/ french speaking part of Switzerland (about a three hour drive from where we live), so not just around the corner. But he was running in the Zürich Marathon today, an opportunity I couldn’t miss….

Zürich, peaceful before the race…

…but not for long…

…and then, pricisely on time…

A true marathon runner, with temperatures hitting 20°C/ 68°F (that’s burning hot for a marathon!) he fought his way, with 9’000 others, to the the finish line!

Well Done!!!

While Mike went for a well deserved shower, I took our daughter, (who had meanwhile come to help me cheer the runners on) to the fun park, which was right next to the race course (very handy).

After going down the slide 7 times (!), twice on the merry go round and the trampoline, we headed off to the restaurant Hiltl to meet Mike.

It was really nice meeting Mike.
If any of you want hear his side of the story, you’ll have to check his blog in the next couple of days, I’m sure you’ll get a lot more details of the tough race…


  1. Great post, look at the pictures of the fun park, oh i am a bit jealous! I wanna be there hehe.. must be an interesting meet up with blogger friends, i love doing that too. What a great day you all had.

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  2. How fun you got to meet a blogging buddy! I want to do the same with a fellow blogging woman, but she lives in California and I’m in Chicago. Maybe someday! – Kat

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