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DIY – Creative Cooking Utensils

It’s Mr. T’s Birthday! Mr. T’s loves to cook (well that is, when he’s not biking) and because he has been very busy lately, creating delicious dinners, it’s taken a toll on our casserole pan (my pressie). While I was looking for something to cook for his Birthday dinner, the kids got busy making him a personal pressie…

…of course as soon as the fun bit was finished, they all disappeared off outside to play with their friends and left me to do the wrapping up…

…which I secretly quite enjoyed.


  1. Oh that is one sweet present 😀 Happy birthday to Mr. T 🙂

    I have a wood burner as well, but I have been afraid to use it so far. However, seeing how well your lovely children did with it, I just might give it a try too soon 😀

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