Ski Holidays 2017
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“Sta bain” – Goodbye

We’ve enjoyed two weeks of skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sledging, ice skating and just being in this beautiful, picturesque part of Switzerland. For now it is time to say “Sta bain” – goodbye, but we’ll be back…

© Mrs Twinkle

For those of you that are interested:
“Sta bain” is “rätoromanisch” and means goodbye. Rätoromanisch is one of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland (the other three are German, French and Italian ). It is only spoken in this part of Switzerland, the canton “Graubünden”.


  1. I have never seen snow or experienced minus degree temperatures. These frosty pictures are incredibly dreamy and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing !

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  2. Nice to know that you are exploring this beautiful Swiss corner! Welcome in enchanting Graubünden!!! Thanks as well for liking my Salmon Tartare with Quinoa recipe. I hope you find the chance to try it.

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  3. Looks like you had an amazing trip!! The photos are beautiful! I like to cross-country ski too even though this year haven’t done it as not much snow in Canada. Thanks for sharing them with us, I never been to Switzerland before.
    Thank you for checking out my blog post last week!!

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  4. Our Swiss friends were both born in the Swiss German part but speak French at home. It was interesting seeing 3 languages (Swiss German, French and Italian) on the packaging in Grindelwald but I didn’t see any Romanche written. Do you speak Romanche?

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  5. Beautiful post about a stunning part of the world. Takes me back to my childhood, my father worked for a Swiss firm based in Zurich (electrowatt) we lived in Zurich for a while. Fond memories of a very happy time.

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