Ski Holidays 2017
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Traveling To The Swiss Alps

It’s our annual ski holiday in the Swiss Alps and as I get very car sick, I decided to travel this year in style…by train.

A great way to start the holidays!
If you want to join me, check my future posts…


  1. Looks beautiful and sounds like fun. Not the car sickness, of course. But the train looks very nice and comfy. My daughter and I traveled once, on the train, from Los Angeles California to northern California, visiting relatives.The train wasn’t so nice, not comfy and not clean. We left early in the morning and din’t get there until late at night. It seemed like it took forever. The states are great, but I love following your blog because I can see the beauty in where you live and follow your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. larryvc says

    In my one week in Switzerland we took the trains everywhere. It is so easy. And Bernina? I have an old but very nice Swiss made sewing machine I inherited. the brand name: Bernina!

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  3. I have travelled by train in that part of the world before. Woke up in the mountains in Switzerland on a train looking out across the countryside with cows grazing in a beautiful landscape. Sunshine instead of snow. While my favourite means of travelling is by motorcycle, I wouldn’t mind doing it again. Nice photos and interesting post.

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  4. TheThingsILearnt says

    Hey, Nice pictures.. I’ll be travelling to your place in April (For work purpose) but I am so happy that I would get to visit Alps (hopefully) ..

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  5. Hi! We must have been in the Alps at the same time. We had amazing weather. Did you enjoy the skiing?

    We found the trains to be excellent. It’s so amazing that every half an hour there was a connecting train in each direction and all 4 of our trains lined up perfectly between Grindelwald and Zurich with a maximum of 6 minutes at each station. The trains to and from Bern were crowded though and we found it difficult to pass through the train looking for seats because of the luggage in the aisles. Also many of the 4 seat blocks had only 2 people that didn’t move their bags for us to sit down. Anyway, these were small inconveniences and I can understand that for allocated seating we wouldn’t have the flexibility of a ticket that’s valid for the whole day. The train tickets are expensive and it’s surprising that Wifi isn’t included but the trains were clean and the ticket inspectors were polite and kind.

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  6. Ooh! So jealous, I love Switzerland! I have never skied there but used to go to Val d’Isère every year for a while. Hope you had a great time. 🙂

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  7. lifenaturalee says

    I did something similar last winter (not as long) by train too 🙂 Swiss trains are the best and the views are stunning! Honestly, is such a wonderful experience!

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