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A Sunny Stroll

We had an extremely cold and foggy morning today, you could hardly see from one lamppost to the next!  Thankfully the sun has managed to burn it up this afternoon, so with blue skies beckoning we (my daughter, dog and I) headed off up the hill to enjoy some warm sunshine…

…and it was fantastic! I should probably have taken some sunglasses to go with my wooly hat and gloves.


  1. Wonderful pictures 🙂 We are not so sunny here, maybe I can head up to the snow at some point soon. I really miss being able to head out for a run whenever I feel like it, but you have inspired me to try some winter hiking in the near future!

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  2. Hope you had the best mother-daughter walk & talk. I love walking or taking road trips with my girls. Your pictures are gorgeous– calling us all to get out and see some of the beauty around us. thanks.

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    • Hi Marion, to create the collages in my posts, I “add media”, then I choose/ activate the images that I want (keep “shift” pressed) and press the “continue” button. There I use the layout “tiled mosaic”, press “insert” and you have the collage in your post. I hope that is what you where inquiring about. If you need any further help, just let me know, I’ll see if I can be of any use 🙂 . Greetings from Switzerland Tammy


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