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Lantern Love

This is a Swiss kindergarten tradition. It’s at the beginning of November when the sugar beets are harvested and it’s called “Räbeliechtli” (sugar beet light). The kids sculpture little lanterns at kindergarten or at home…

Then in the evening they all meet up at kindergarten and parade around the neighborhood with their lanterns, singing songs as they go along. After the parading it’s back to kindergarten, to enjoy some warm tee and gingerbread.



  1. I love your posts sooooo much!! And this idea is awesome, incredible, I will be making these myself! What a beautiful idea! Thank you so much, vielen Dank! xo

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  2. I just sent your post to my ma and some girlfriends! Maybe my mom will make these too, I’m thinking! What a beautiful idea, I know, I already said that but it is! How about I share this on my blog too?! Spread the love, right!?

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  3. North Coast Mum says

    These are so cute. When I was a child we carved turnips out for our Jack O Lanterns at Halloween ( I live in Northern Ireland). That was many years ago though, before pumpkins became popular. I remember that they took ages to carve!!!!

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  5. so pretty! am quite impressed.

    are the photos of beets? here (am in Los Angeles) we only have purple ones – ones that look like these are turnips

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