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Enjoying Autumn

It’s a bit foggy this afternoon, the sun is trying to burn it up but isn’t having much luck. No reason though for staying indoors. We decided to go for a walk in the vineyards behind our house…

With her big brothers at school our daughter decided to play hide and seek with our dog…

“Where has she gone?”

© Mrs Twinkle

“Below you!”


Shortly after we got back the boys came home from school. They heard all about our walk and felt a bit left out…so to compensate we cooked some marshmallows over a fire in the back garden.

Simply enjoying autumn!


  1. I did not think I would miss autumn that much. Where I’m living there is only one season all year round. I cannot complain but autumn is my favourite season and you’re photos simply warmed up a bit my heart.

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  2. Stunning colours, I can feel the autumn air just looking at them. Love seeing ‘real’ kids enjoying ‘real’ experiences too. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your day! The pictures are lovely. It’s so sweet that your daughter played hide-and-seek with the dog! I remember my sons doing that with their dog at our farm. It brought back great memories!

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  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the fall weather – not hot and not freezing cold ..ahhhh just right! I am a new Furr Mama so I noticed your dog immeditealy as it looks a lot like my Lucy. She is a Yellow Lab. I’ll be blogging about her soon.

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  5. Thank you for liking my post ‘The Moon ‘
    Matter of fact, the story behind the
    Picture is ‘nothing is perfect ‘ even the moon has a blot 🌝
    Well let it be
    Your pictures are too beautiful for words.
    I am spellbound..
    Thank you for sharing them with us

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