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Hiking The “Red Horn”

We started the day with a cable car up the mountain “Rothorn” (red horn) at the top we were overwhelmed with a fantastic view (well at least most of us were, our middle child is afraid of heights).

With a sea of fog below us (that’s what it’s actually called in swiss german) we headed off down the mountain.

A little refreshment on the way…


…and a picnic at the Eissee (ice lake) helped the little ones refuel.

A little bit further along we found our own ice.

A couple of hours later (with a stop at the spring of the “Emme” which flows into other rivers and eventually ends up in the North Sea) we made it back down to the bottom…

…down into the fog.


With tired legs and a great sense of achievement we are now enjoying a quiet evening reading and in our oldest case playing games on any electronic devices he can lay his hands on.


  1. You are truly blessed to have such views on a regular basis!
    Thank you for sharing them with those of us that live in a flat landscape.
    I could rave about your photography for hours!

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  2. mansijain2012 says

    Wow these views are stunning!!! Being above the clouds like that you can almost imagine what the terrain looked like millions of years ago when the clouds were glaciers instead 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and liking my post on the 15 best walks & hikes in NZ!

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