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End of Summer…

Yup! Autumn is here. The temperatures have cooled down and the rain has set in. But that’s not stopping us from enjoying a wet walk.

After we had dried off, stocked the fireplace with wood, and brewed some coffee. Our two little ones had woken up and were ready for some fun…


  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. My husband also grew up partly in Switzerland and partly in the UK. Autumn seemed to arrive with a bit of bang to much of northern Europe. We went from the mid 30’s last week here in SW France to a mere 20C today and grey, Mr Sun was nowhere to be seen! It is meant to be much better this coming week, just as well as summer is still not quite officially over!

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  2. naygains says

    Your Kittens are the cutest I have a ginger (Ed) myself they are beautiful :). Love the blog keep it up


    • I know what you mean. I think that every time they take a nap they grow a bit.
      Thank goodness that they seem to be wild and awake most of the time. 🙂


  3. Thanks for recently visiting my blog site. I love your pictures of your family, dog and cats. My husband and I had a wonderful, precious yellow Labrador also, Titus Maximus, for ten years since a puppy before he got very sick and had to be put to sleep (having had cancer). Also had a black Lab. They are wonderful dogs. I also love your pumpkin/apple recipe. Sounds delicious. I love this time of year also with the fresh pumpkins, apples and changes in the weather and leaves. Blessings to you and your family and pets, and enjoy the season.

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