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Fig & Smokey Bacon Pizza

Fig & smoked bacon, a winning combination! It isn’t exactly the fist thing that would come to mind, but with figs being in season and some smoked bacon waiting to be put to good use…

© Mrs Twinkle

The Ingredients

The Dough
(ready made from the shop as this was a spontaneous idea and not having the time to make a dough -> hungry kids)

The Topping
200g creme fraiche
1 onion
100g smoked bacon
6 figs
Danish Smoked Salt from oz. (optional and very delicious)

Preheat the oven at 220°C. Roll out Dough (or in my case get it out of the packet) and lay it on the baking tray. Add seasoning (salt & pepper) to the creme fraiche and spread over the dough. Slice the onion and the figs and layer them on the base. cover with smokey bacon and bake for 20 minutes.

Try it and enjoy!


  1. gina@mytinytexaslife says

    I bet that was so delicious. Figs are great with anything I think. I had always had a fig tree until we moved to this house. Nothing grows here except mesquite trees and wild sticker bushes. 😦

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  2. Great combination – I have friends who have an old citroen van geared up as a wood fire pizza oven – they left high powered jobs to find a simpler life, and spend half the year touring cooking pizzas and the other half travelling the world (oh the joys of not having children!) – will pass on the topping idea! Thank you

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  3. Excellent recipe. Looks delish! I’ve followed you  as your page is very inspiring.  I hope you do the same, as you may find mine the same, I practice naked cooking like jamie oliver, I’m conducting the half-blood princess project.


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