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Cosy Campfire

Autumn is on our doorstep, the gras and trees are turning to a dull shade of green and the flowers are fading. So making the most of the dry weather, we headed off to the woods for a walk. We collected pinecones and dry branches to make a campfire…

…the kids absolutely loved it and after a run around the woods, what better way to recharge those batteries than with a campfire cooked sausage!

…On her best behavior…

(or maybe it was a pose to pounce on anything that hit the floor), but fortunatly our youngest took pity on her a gave her a bit of hers.


  1. Gorgeous photos, such a simple thing, a walk, a campfire and a sausage but how we all love it, adults and children alike, it just proves that so many of life’s best things are simple and easy.

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  2. Thank you for sharing all the campfire photos. They are beautiful. What a precious time with your family. Thank you for finding my blog and like my post. Please come back again soon. I’ll come back to meet your family tomorrow. 🙂

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  3. Nothing better than an autumn walk. I’ve always liked crunching through fallen leaves. And your labrador pic reminds me of my first dog. Happy memories. Thanks 😊

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  4. Stunning photos, especially almost could feel the hot heat from that camp fire :). Soft Nature photos are in good contrast. Thanks for visiting my blog / recipes.

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