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Melon & Mint Salad

Summer, sun and the weekend on the doorstep. Perfekt! Because it’s promising to be a scorcher here’s something fresh and cooling (that won’t take any time to make)…

© Mrs Twinkle

The Ingredients
1 Watermelon
1 bunch of mint
200g feta
1 cucumber

The Dressing
1 tsp honey
3-4 tbsp salad seeds
salt & pepper
4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Chop up the melon, mint and cucumber, crumble the feta over them. Mix the dressing and pour over the salad and sprinkle some salad seeds over it all. Voilà!

Enjoy and chill!


  1. If you macerate red onion slices in red wine vinegar for 6 hours, you can add those to this salad as well, and use the vinegar as part of your dressing base. This looks lovely and refreshing!

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  2. How bizarre to see this post! some friends of ours came to stay last week and left half a water melon in our fridge.. We have mint in the garden and feta in the fridge.. Yessss! Thankyou for the inspiration.

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  3. I remember the first time I saw this kind of salad, my mother in law was making it, I was bound and determined to not eat it because why would anyone make such a thing. Needles to say I ate it and it’s one of my favourite summer go to salads ever since.

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