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Meet Mitsi & Meeko

Today is the day! At last we get to pick up our kittens! The kids have been looking forward to this moment for weeks.
We drove off to the farm “Waldhof” in “Schneisingen” and were greeted by Yuma the new farm dog (only three months old).

After a lot of chasing the kittens round the kitchen it was time to put them in their traveling box and drive them home. Where our lovely labrador was waiting to meet them

After eventually creeping out of their box, there was a lot to explore…

…but all the exploring got very tiring (not only for the kittens but also for someone that stayed up late last night to celebrate the swiss national day “1. August”).


  1. Gorgeous little kitties. Our fur babies really make a house a home – don’t they. I hope you share many years of happiness with these little ones. 😻😺😻

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  2. They are adorable! Boys? Girls? One of each? Who’s got which name? How old are they – looks like younger than 12 months, but it’s hard to say from pictures. They have the cutest baby faces! Are they from the same litter? Sorry about all these questions!

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  3. They are adorable. I remember when we chose our two kittens, nearly 2 years ago, here in SW France, we brought home two girls which the children had chosen, they were 7 weeks old. When we took them to the vet for their first injections we found out they were a boy and a girl! No matter, we adore them and they are a huge part of the family and often feature in photos on the blog!

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  4. Oh wow, I used to have a photo of our two kitties, Toast and Marmalade, in a plant pot when they were about eight weeks old. They are now 11 years old and honestly just as funny and cute, not in such a small way, of course, but they still entertain us every day. Your kitties are so lucky to have a lovely home and you are so lucky to enjoy them growing up and developing their funny characters. Ours make us laugh every day – even when they are being REALLY naughty, I wouldn’t be without them.

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