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You Can’t Go To Holland Without Visiting A …

Today we headed to the town of Harderwijk to visit an old windmill.

The mill was built in 1778 and destroyed by a fire in 1998 but has since been rebuilt in an exact replication.
It’s being run by extremely nice volunteers that showed the kids how it all worked and let them ask loads of questions. So if you’re ever in the region it’s a definitely worth a visit.



  1. Glad to see the sun shining for you, and the kids (& hubby no doubt) having a great time. We head to your neck of the woods tomorrow (well the middle of the Switzerland and north of the Valise) to Vitznau. I’ll be camping for the first time in 37 years, so I’m hoping the sun shines too!

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    • Vitznau is beautiful! Looking forward to some pics. Have fun with the camping!
      (I spent every holiday of my childhood either in a tent or on a canal boat and have very fond, funny and wet memories) 🙂

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  2. I’ve never been to Holland, but in California, there is a small town called Solvang and it has windmills and pastries and sausages and red phone booth……in my head, it feels like what I picture Holland will be.

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