Summer Holiday 2016 Holland, Travel
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Rocking The Road…

We’re off on our summer holidays! After packing half the household (or so it feels). After double checking that we haven’t forgotten anything (passports, dog vaccine pass, travel documents etc.), we are off to Holland … Yuppie!!!

After a long 8 hour drive (due to a lot of traffic). We decided to call it a day. We stayed at a little hotel in the town Dinslaken which is actually in the “Ruhrpott” (the industrial part of north Germany), not that you would guess from these pictures…

Refreshed and very excited (especially the kids) we headed off to Bad Hoophuizen in Holland. with the countryside getting much flatter than what we’re used too, we could tell that it couldn’t be much further…

…a couple of hours later we arrived. Our holiday home for the next two weeks…

…right, now it’s time to unpack and relax…



  1. Oh, gracious, the scenery you experience on a daily basis just takes my breath away!! What a perfectly lovely place to spend a vacation. Have fun.

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  2. How fun! So far, my only international travel (I’m American.) has been to Ireland, but because I work for Benteler Steel/Tube, I am familiar with the town of Dinslaken because we have a facility there! “Hey, hey! I know that place!” Hahah! My husband and I are planning a trip to Germany in August of next year. Hopefully, work will send me there sooner.


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  3. theurbanblender says

    I love England.I love Australia. But I have an affinity with Switzerland. My mother is Austrian but I was born in England as my father is British. I have been to Austria many times but Switzerland was the country that stole my heart. We spent a summer in Grindlewald. That beautiful fairy tale town with the MoU rains,rushing brooks,streams and rivers cascading down from the Bernese alps. We camped not far from the Jungfrau. It was the most awesome place. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to return. My dream is to see it in winter. Thank you for your blog it’s great.

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