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A Wet Weekend in Appenzell

This weekend we’ve had a family get together in the “Appenzellerland” (east part of Switzerland). The weather could have been better…



And More Hiking

Never fear
rain was always near!

© Mrs. Twinkle

…but despite the drenching we had a great time!


  1. This place is so stunning!! Thanks for sharing! And did I get a glimpse of Yarrow? That’s one of my all time fave teas. So when I see it in nature I like to pick and dry the flowers for future goodness in a cup 😀

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  2. Such lovely views! I think I want your life. Maybe for a week or two at least. I’m a trail runner and these pictures look like paradise!

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  3. Wow, that restaurant at the bottom of the cliff 😮 Such an incredible location, but I would probably feel very uneasy being in there xD

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  4. Just beautiful (even if it was rainy.) I esp. like that photo of you all walking along cliff edge with the dog. Perhaps it was just as well it was too foggy to see down the drop? -Kat

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