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We’re Having Kittens…

…they were born on Sunday the 15th of May at the farm Waldhof.

Today we went to visit them for the first time and they are so sweet! Have a look for yourself…

We’re having a ginger and a grey tabby and we’ve got to wait 9 very long weeks until we can bring them home. But we’ll be visiting them in the meantime so I’ll keep you updated…


  1. theaustraliansojourner says

    The kittens look so cute. I feel sorry for the dog though, he looks as if he needs a big cuddle and a nice cushion to lay on, with some treats.

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  2. Oh! I love them all! Had I been where you live, I would have requested for one or two..I just love cats! We had seven back in my parent’s home and they are the best people (not pets) to have around!

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  3. craftyforhome says

    So adorable, did you find it that mama cat will move her kitten to other spot for maybe like seven times, lol, that’s what happen to my cat back in the day when I was kid.

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