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A Passion for Painting…

I love to sketch, draw and paint (walls, furniture, practically everything that I can get my hands on). So it isn’t surprising that my environment has noticed.
My neighbor is one of the two lovely ladies that created Sieda. They make charming creations out of concrete and paint them.
Check their page
They have offered me the chance to join their team. I must admit to begin with I wasn’t sure if I could do something that needs such precision or if I had the patience/ peace (the kiddies) to sit still and concentrate for the time it would take to do. But after a pep talk from Daniela, a coaching session with Simone and with their book as a reference, I couldn’t wait to give it a go and all I can say is:  I’m hooked!

I’ve only just started but I’ve definitely got a soft spot for these guys. The snails…

I think Mr. T is glad that I’ve found a way to channel my painting obsession. (Well at least it means that when he gets home from work, I haven’t redecorated the house in the meantime.)


  1. cesko says

    What drew you is beautiful. I also love drawing. Drawing calms and leads to the world of imagination. Enjoy and we will in your stories and photos 🙂

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  2. Those snails are incredible. So pretty and serene. I have done a bit of painting but write all the time and my camera isn’t faraway either and I really do get that obsessive passion…the flame! Oh yes! I know it very well! xx Rowena

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  4. What a stunning form! I’ll have to check out the Sieda website. By the way, would you be able to tell me whether you have reached 1,000 followers yet, or have you already surpassed that? Thank you.

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