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Sowing The Seeds…

This year we’ve had to wait a little longer than usual as the temperature/ frosts had put things on a hold. But now the suns out and the weathers warmed up so it’s perfect for my little helper and I to get our planting started (and a good excuse for not having to tackle the mountain of washing that’s waiting).

My little busy bee needs to be fed and watered too.

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  1. TheSpoonMage says

    Enjoy! Green beans have been producing like crazy here. Nothing better than eating from your own garden. Nice to have a little one lending a helping hand to make it more fun.

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  2. We are all of like mind – sowing our precious seeds. There is one type of tomato sold in produce stores. It is the only store bought tomato we will eat. It has real tomato flavour. The small tomato is called Compari and the seeds are only available to commercial grocers. OR… we gardeners who slice the little darlings and start our own seeds. Last summer six plants gave us a summer of eating luscious tomatoes PLUS putting seventy pounds of tomatoes in the freezer. Long live the garden.


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