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A Trip To Thun

The kids are on their Spring Break so today we decided to go on an outing to the outdoor museum in Ballenberg, only to find that it was still closed for winter and doesn’t open until this coming Friday. (bad planing on my side)
So instead we went to visit the beautiful little town Thun in the Bernese Oberland. The kids loved it because it not only has a weir in the middle of the town but it also has it’s own castle too!

The Weir

The Castle

The best way to end a good day out…

© Mrs. Twinkle

…with ice cream!


  1. expatfrankfurt says

    Ah, the good old days. I loved my time living in Switzerland… Frankfurt is fun but just not the same

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  2. Alyssa says

    Sounds lovely. I can’t wait for a bit of a break to go exploring with my fiance and take some nice day trips. Wonderful pictures — it looks like you all had a lot of fun.

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  3. Oh my goodness… this brought back a trip I took with my parents, when I was a kid. We went to Thun, and took the ship on the lake, and went to the St. Beatus Caves. Once there, all hell broke loose with a huge thunderstorm. I still remember how scared I was.
    I wish I could go back and visit Switzerland and show it all to my son, soon.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and story!

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  4. Glad your children enjoyed Thun. My husband and I visited the castle about 15 years ago. I have think we purchased lovely pastries at an open air market (rather than ice cream.)

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  5. How beautiful! And such a fun day 🙂 I’ve been to Switzerland 2x but unfortunately, on business trips 😦 Definitely need to come again for a real vacation. My hubby loved the beef stroganoff that they served at the hotel restaurant where we stayed at (it is nothing like the beef stroganoff in the US :p). I’ve been in search of the recipe for years! If you know how I can get my hands on them, I would be truly grateful 🙂


  6. I followed you through the town. The water was beautiful, and the castle .. oh the castle was so wonderful. Up and down the stairs – through the hallways. Pure magic. But the very best was the ice cream treat at the end of the day

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  7. Looks soooo fun. Gelato at the end of the trip is always a must-have! And I bet the kids remember that long after the sightseeing dims in their memories. -Kat

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