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Bike, Hike & A Barbecue

Spring is definitely here! Time to get our bikes out of the garage and go for a ride…

We kept it short for small ones (our youngest and the dog) and added a little bit of hiking.

Spring was exploding everywhere you looked.

It didn’t take long before some tummies started to rumble. What better way to settle them than with a picnic by a pond in the woods?

Now back at home again with still plenty of energy they are all outside playing with their friends but with a little luck and a bath this evening we might be in for a quiet night.



  1. Gillian Emery says

    Lovely photos AGAIN! Especially reflection and action shots. Great that the weather is getting warmer at last.

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  2. Gillian Emery says

    Ps where was that coltsfoot flower (like a small dandelion ) I’ve been looking for it and I missed it last year too 😏

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  3. sameen says

    There’s nothing a bike, hike and barbecue will not solve or make better! Thank you for visiting my blog and I’m loving your posts!

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