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Sunny Spring Saturday Afternoon

The first warm Spring Saturday and everyone’s at home (no Field Hockey, Birthday Party’s or Boy Scouts) so that means GARDENING! Yes, at last it’s time to roll back our sleeves and put our backs in to it.

Which also means we’ll probably be in a bad shape tomorrow with aches and pains from muscles that we didn’t realize we had. (With we, I mean Mr. T and I).
Not only do the plants need a little TLC, of course the workers had to be fed and watered too…

…I used the opportunity to write this post but now I’m back off outside. I wish you all sunny spring weekend!


  1. Oh it must be getting pretty warm already where you are. In Estonia the ground is still pretty frozen up.
    The day in the garden sounds lovely, especially with such pastries as a reward 😀

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      • Hi Tammy, I am not offended at all. I just wanted you to know that your blog is great. Please continue to create great content and I will keep coming back for more. Thanks.

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